Municipal allowance for employment

Municipal allowance for employment is awarded as a reward to an employer, who will employ an unemployeed person from Juuka from one of the following target groups: 

  1. Person, who has received labor market support for over 200 days
  2. Person, who is under 29-years-old and unemployment has lasted at least 6 months
  3. Person, who is over 29-years-old and unemployment has lasted at least 9 months
  4. Unemployeed person, who is a customer of the municipal employment services

Working time has to be at least 18 hours per week and the duration of the employment has to last at least 4 weeks.

The amount of municipal allowance, duration and pre-clearance

  • Duration 4 - 35 weeks, main rule: until the terms of the contract of emplyment have fullfilled
  • Amount: 350€/month, the amount of the reward can vary from 350€ to 2 800€.

Employer has to clarify the opportynity to receive the municipal allowance before sending an application to municipal employment services. The municipal allowance of employment will be granted within the limits of the budget of the year and in the order the applications are received.

More info about application procedure and municipal allowance of employment

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