Delay payments

  • Material delay: 0,25€/day, max 5€/material
  • Material delay (instant borrowing): 0,5€/day, max 5€
  • First and second letter reminder letter: 3€/letter
  • Debt collection letter and a bill: 7€/letter

We don't charge payments of the material that is borrowed from the children's or youth sector, but also younger customers must pay reminder letters and debt collection letters. Unpaid payments will stay in library's database. If you have payments more than 10€ you can not borrow any more materials. 

In the turn of the year, you can't have any debts left.

Library card and booking

  • Fist library card FOR FREE!
  • Renewing the card: 2€
  • Booking payment: 0€
  • If you don't retrieve the booked material: 1€

Payments of the losted / damaged material

Customer has to bring new, similar material back or pay the material's price. You can not replace videos, dvds', ROM's or BD's - if you lost or damage this kind of material, replacement must be agreed with the library staff.

Scanning and printing

  • Photocopy / one page (A3 or A4): 7€
  • Black & white printing / one page: 0,3€
  • Printing with colours / one page: 1€


  • Sold-out magazine: 7€
  • Plastic bag: 0,2€
  • Material that is removed from the collection: 0,1€ - 17€

All the prices include VAT (10%).

Municipality of Juuka

Municipality Hall of Juuka

Open mon - fri 9AM -3PM
Poikolantie 1, 83900 Juuka 

P. +358 40 104 2865 (Information point of the Municipality Hall)
P. +358 40 104 2000 (Switch number)
Fax. (+358 13) 472 123

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