Rules of the Vaara-libraries 1.5.2017

Welcome to library

Library is open for everyone and our collections are in everyone's use, with no costs. Librarians will help you with seeking information and using library services. If you have any wishes or feedback, please let us know.

A library card

Vaara-libraries have a common system where customers have one personal library card. You can get a library card from library: you must show your identitycard (with a photo!), tell your adress in Finland and promise to follow the rules of Vaara-library. If a customer doesn't have personal identification number in Finland, a library card will be valid only for one year.

Under 15-years-old can get a library card with caretakers written approval and showing the personal identity card. You can not borrow material that comes to adult use with a children's library card.

Customer is responsible for the correctness of the personal information, like address, name, telephone number and e-mail address. If you lose your library card, you must inform the librarians immediately. The person who owns the card is responsible for the material that was borrowed before the cast was lost. 

Borrowing periods, booking and rebooking

Borrowing periods are 1-28 days, depending on the borrowed material. You can return the material in any Vaara-library. You can get a receit when you return your material, if you want.

You can not borrow more than 100 materials. 

You can book materials in advance. If you won't come to get your booked materials, library will charge a little payment. You can not have more than 20 bookings at the same time.

You can rebook your materials for 5 times, if there's no anyone else who wants to book the material and if you don't have unpaid payments for the library. You can rebook materials by visiting the library, with a call or via NB! Only in finnish.

Payments and material replacement

If you return borrowed materials after the due date library will charge a payment. The payment includes also the other costs, for example the costs that were formed of the phone calls.

We don't charge payments for the material that is borrowed from the children- or youth section, but we we will charge the other costs that were ensued of the borrowed material delay.

Losted or damaged material has to be replaced. Videos-, dvd's, ROM's or Blu ray's can not be replaced with a similar material. Payments will not be returned to customers.

Library is not liable to compensate if the borrowed material damages customers' devices.

A right to borrow

You can lose your right to borrow if:

  • you have unpaid payments that are over the library's prescribed amount
  • you don't return your books or pay the books you won't bring back
  • you have lost or damaged the materials

You can get your right back if:

  • you pay all the payments and damages
  • you return the borrowed books back
  • you will replace the losted or damaged materials

Municipality of Juuka

Municipality Hall of Juuka

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P. +358 40 104 2865 (Information point of the Municipality Hall)
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