The Demon's Churn


Level of difficulty: Hard

The magnificent Demon’s Churn is located in the area of old forests, Polvela. The beginning of the route will be hiked next to the old and bushy spruce forest that manifest the untouchable forest area to begin. Demon’s Churn itself is a gulley which has formed by the Ice Age while the continental glacier has started to melt. The gulley has a rough and steep precipice, but it is covered by plentiful plants. At the bottom of the gulley, the atmosphere will change immediately: wind won’t blow, voices are quiet and air is cold and humid. An old legend tells that the place has been built by mystical forces that our ancestors couldn’t fully understand. You can also admire the forest landscape of Tahkovaara (The hill of Tahkovaara) from the cliff of Demon’s churn: the area looks especially beautiful on winter, when there’s frozen snow on the tree branches.

Route: Drive from the roundabout of Juuka to Kaavi for 10,6km and turn right to Tahkovaarantie. Drive 4,4km and leave your car to the widener. The path to Demon’s Churn starts from the left side of the road, from the spot with a post sign “Pirunkirnu”.


Area- and terrain maps of the Demon's Churn


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