Mrs. Aune's Garden

Mrs. Aunes's garden is located 16 kilometers away from the center of Juuka, in the Larinsaari of Nunnanlahti. Aune's garden shines its colours: it has over 2 000 species of flowers, collection of 100 different roses, multiple shrubs, hardwoods, deciduous- and coniferous trees. In addition, Mrs. Aune has adorned her garden with rococo-style elements, like lanterns, terrace equipments and gates. Mrs. Aune's romantic home also adorns the shine of the garden.

Mrs. Aune welcomes all the visiters! Please, call before coming. Free entry!

Address: Larinsaarentie 407

Contact: Aune Martikainen, p. +358 40 750 9747, +358 50 529 2383, e-mail:

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