The Karula's Yard of Arts - Mr. Kauko Kortelainen

In the atelier and yard of Mr. Kauko Kortelainen you have an opportunity to see the versatile art works of the internationally famous artist. In the yard, there's multiple sculptors of rocks, wood and bronze, not forgetting the oil-paintings, watercolors, drawings and reliefs. Also, the magnificent stone gate of the municipality hall is made by Mr. Kortelainen.

Artist Kauko Kortelainen with his wife welcomes all the visiters! Please, call before coming.


      • P. +358 45 120 3631


Address: Sorveuksentie 69 B, 83900 Juuka

Check out more pictures from the yard of arts and atelier. The last picture is from the municipality hall: the stone gate mady by Kauko Kortelainen.

Municipality of Juuka

Municipality Hall of Juuka

Open mon - fri 9AM -3PM
Poikolantie 1, 83900 Juuka 

P. +358 40 104 2865 (Information point of the Municipality Hall)
P. +358 40 104 2000 (Switch number)
Fax. (+358 13) 472 123

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