The Mill-museum, the Herralankoski -park and the Bridge of Dreams

Mill-museum (Myllymuseo) is located in the historical Wooden-Juuka, next to the rapid of Herralankoski. Idyllic, well preserved area includes a mill, a millers' cottage, a granary and a smoke-sauna. Welcome to visit the restored Mill-museum and see how the old mill will work. The Mill-museum is maintained by the society of Juuka-seura.

Adress: Sairaalantie 1, 83900 Juuka

Open: Because of the Covid-19 situation Mill Museum is closed on the summer 2020. Despite of this you are warmly welcome to visit to the yard of Mill Museum in any time.

Next to Mill-museum, there's the Herralankoski -park (Herralankosken puisto) that presents a log flume from the old days and a place to wash your carpets. The Herralankoski -park is reachable by the wooden, romantic Bridge of Dreams (Haaveiden silta).

Check out more pictures from the Mill-museum, the Herralankoski -park and the Bridge of Dreams.

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