Juuka - Introduction

Juuka - Introduction


In North-Karelia, on the western shore of Pielinen, there's a little municipality called Juuka with its 5000 inhabitants. Juuka is especially known of its nature and its variability: high hills, wide Pielinen and the archipelago of Paalasmaa form a traditional scenery of Juuka. In summer, Juuka is a popular place of leisure living - here is over 1000 cottagers! In addition, Juuka belongs into the provincial center of Joensuu and into regional center of Nurmes.

The center of Juuka is ranged to middle-range municipal center. Habitation is all over the municipality: Juuka forms from 20 little villages that all have own kinds of expressions:  Ahmovaara, Halivaara, Kannas, Kajoo, Kelosuo, Kuhnusta, Larinsaari, Matara, Nunnanlahti, Paalasmaa, Petrovaara, Pihlajavaara, Polvela, Puu-Juuka, Raholanvaara, Timovaara, Tuopanjoki, Vaikko, Vihtasuo and Vuokko. The villages have their own societys, which take care of the development and cooperation of their own village.

Juuka is also known of its soap stone, which is mined and processed in the village of Nunnanlahti. In recent years this entirety has been developed: via tight cooperation it has been established a business center called the Stone Center (Kivikylä). From the Stone Center you can find tourist information, exhibitions, ceramic and jewel sales made by local artists, museum, restaurant, oven shop of Tulikivi studio, view point to the quarry, bounchy castle, Koli brewery beer shop and premises of other local entrepreneurs.

The surface area of Juuka is 1846 square kilometers whereof 325 are water areas. The length of the coastline is approximately 438 kilometers. In the center of Juuka, there's also a three-brached river called Juuanjoki (the River of Juuka): you can admire this river for example from the Bridge of Dreams (Haaveidensilta), which is located in the historic Wooden-Juuka (Puu-Juuka). Also, the 90-kilometers-long river called the River of Vaikko (Vaikkojoki) starts its floating from Juuka, from the village of Vaikko. In fact, the word "Juuka" means a small lake, which has a little river floating through it - however, that small lake disappeared when a lake called Sorveus erupted in 1806.

We could say that our drawcards are the nationally historic Wooden-Juuka, 11 different nature destinations, diverse selection of places to visit with local entrepreneurs, shiny Pielinen, the archipelago of Paalasmaa and a togetherness between villages, cottagers and inhabitants, with an easygoing Noth-Karelian touch.

So welcome to visit to our municipality, inhabitants, local companies and entrepreneurs and especially to our magnificent, beautiful nature!

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Tourist information

The tourist information point of Juuka is located in Municipality Hall

Open: mon - fri, 9AM - 3PM

Contact: p. +358 40 104 2865, Poikolantie 1, 83900 Juuka


Municipality Hall of Juuka

Open mon - fri 9AM -3PM
Poikolantie 1, 83900 Juuka 

P. +358 40 104 2865 (Information point of the Municipality Hall)
P. +358 40 104 2000 (Switch number)
Fax. (+358 13) 472 123