Leisure cabins


Leisure cabins

Leisure Cabins

Holiday Cottages of Kannas
Paalasmaantie 462 B, Juuka
p. +358 40 5549 702

Two cabins and 10 bedsteads in the village of Kannas, on the shore of Pielinen. Available over the year.

Corporation of Kivineliö Oy, Mauno Hiltunen
Joensuuntie 2507, Ahmovaara
p. +358 41 455 6959, +358 40 732 7850



Three cabins for 4-8 persons in Nunnanlahti. One of the cabins is available over the year and the newest one also is rentable in winter. You can also use a boat, a paddle boat and canoe. Smoke sauna, a motorboat and fishing equipments are also available if necessary.

Cabins of Koli24

The Glow of Koli (Kolin Kajo)
p. +358 400 371 198, +358 45 206 7371 
Heimo Lehikoinen.
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Exclusive villa, located next to the Räsävaara -hill of Koli.

The Hut Village of Menninkäinen
p. +358 400 571 058

Our mission is to give our guests opportunity to be in quiet place, rest in nature and refresh yourself in the spirit of aboriginal people.

In the area of four hectares, there are approximately ten habitable huts. Five of those form the Hut Village, the rest are placed to the shore for people who prefer peace and quiet.

At a headland, there are a big hut and campfire spots that are meant for common use.

We have also kayaks, canoes, boats and fishing equipments available. On the top of all, we have a rentable floating sauna.

Villa Kangas - Kankaan tila

Villa Kangas is a sweet 25 m2 log cabin on the shores of Lake Pielinen, 1 km from the services of the center of Juuka. The place is quiet, you can reach the yard by car.
The cottage has a small living room-kitchen with a fridge-freezer, hotplates, a coffee and kettle, a toaster and a microwave.

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Kuiri's Cabins on a shore
p. +358 40 5301801

Three cabins with 15 bedsteads on the shore of Pielinen in the archipelago of Paalasmaa.

Lari's Vacations (Larin Lomat)
Ahmovaarantie 329, Ahmovaara
p. +358 400 283827

Two cabins with 2-8 bedsteads on the shore of Pielinen, in Larinsaari. Available over the year. In addition, there's 3 cabins available in Koli, the biggest cabin has 10 bedsteads. All of the cabins have five-star rating.

Lehikoinen's Cabins
Seppo Lehikoinen
Nevalanpääntie 38 B, 83910 Paalasmaa
p. +358 40 589 0420

Three cabins with 16 bedsteads on the shore of Pielinen in archipelago of Paalasmaa. One of the cabins is available over the year.

Kolintie 431, Ahmovaara
p. +358 40 5453 148
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Four cabins with 24 bedsteads on the shore of Savijärvi, Ahmovaara. 7 kilometers away from the center of Koli. Cabins are available over the year.

Holiday apartment of Kukkokorpi
Kukkokorventie 326, Ahmovaara
p. +358 50 3000 381
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Cabin for four persons on the shore of Ylemmäinen. 7 kilometers away from Koli. Available only in summer (1.5.-30.10.).

Exclusive Holiday Cabin Villa Blanca
Erolanniementie 62 B, Nunnanlahti
puh. +358 50 5732 349, +358 50 599 2971

Exclusive Holiday Cabing called Villa Blanca is located on the shore of Kuhnustanjärvi. The cabin has 4+4 bedsteads and its equipped with all the amenities: the cabin is fully electrified, only the sauna and fireplaces have to be warmed with wood. Dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, digital TV, videos, cd-player, a shelter for your car and a barbeque hut. You'll have own boat on a shore, also an opportunity to use canoes. Suitable for disabled persons and families with children. Pets are not allowed.

Marjatta Kerman
p. +358 30 6502 502

A cabin with 6 bedsteads on the shore of Pielinen. Booking via Lomarengas.fi (NB! Also in English), you can find the cabin with a code: 13863.

+358 10 322 3040 / koli@kolifreetime.fi

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We will have a cabin that is suitable just for you, whether you come with a bigger or smaller group. You can choose for example between Mummonmökki (for two persons) or Valkovuokko (for 10 persons). All of our cabins are well-equipped and all of them have a sauna. The cabins are located on a shore of a lake that has highly pure water. Koli and its beautiful nature are just around the corner.

Matti Kuiri
p. +358 50 585 0980

Two cabins with 10 bedsteads in Larinsaari, on the shore of Pielinen

Pertti Gröhn
Nevalanpääntie 594A, Paalasmaa
p. +358 40 500 1410                                                                                  

A cabin for 6 persons with three bedrooms on the shore of Pielinen. The cabin is available over the year - actually, the cabin is more like a detached house and it is equipped with all amenities. Clients have a boat, a barbeque hut for 10 persons and a terrace on their use also. The cabin is 26 kilometers away from the center of Juuka. You have also an opportunity to rent a motorboat. Booking via Lomarengas.fi with a code: 8558.

Pielistuvat Oy
p. +358 500 274 466, +358 500 677 341
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A semi-detached house made of logs in Koli. 8-10 persons per apartment. Available over the year.

Vacation Cabins of Pyötikkö
Kojonniementie 312, Juuka
p. +358 50 367 3701

Two cabins with 16 bedsteads on the shore of Pielinen, in Kojonniemi.

Retu -cabins and the Cabins of the Big Bear (Iso-Karhu)
Leskeläntie 49
p. +358 50 3582 080

Retu -cabins: One cabin with 4+2 bedsteads on the shore of Pielinen, in Retuniemi. Available over the year.

Cabins of the Big Bear: Four cabins in a nature preserve of Iso-Karhu -lake. 

Lakeside cabins of Savilahti
Pitkänniementie 27 A, Ahmovaara
p. +358 50 3253 799

Four cabins on the shore of Pielinen in Savilahti, near to Koli. Available over the year.

Cottage of Lietukka

The society of Vaikkojärven Erä ry rents the cottage of Lietukka over the year. The cottage is especially for hikers, paddlers and snowmobilers. In the cottage, there are a kitchen and three rooms, bedsteads for 10 persons. Also, there are a sauna and a boat available on the shore. The cabin has solar panels and an own well.

Inquiries from Kauro Mulari, p. +358 400 708 4280. 

Address: Lietukantie 315


Vacation of Tommolahti
Tommolanlahdentie, 83900 Juuka
+358 400 575 910,

Tujanranta -lakeside cabin


Welcome to stay right next to the shore of Pielinen, in a wooden sauna-cabin near to Juuka (9km) and Koli (27km).

The cabin is 20meters away from Pielinen at a beautiful spot. The cabin is idyllic and homey. In the cabin there are 4 beds. Drinkable water, own sauna, warm shower and a beach for swimming.


  • Wooden and electric stove, microwave, a grill (gas & charcoal), fridge, coffee maker, water boiler, table sets, TV and internet, outhouse
  • A boat also in hand
  • Bedwears and towels include in the price
  • Breakfast will be arranged if required

Location: Hamararannantie 24, 83940 Nunnanlahti


Homepage: www.tujanranta.com

Contact details

Tourist info

Our main Info center in located in the Municipal hall;

Juuan kunta
Poikolantie 1 
83900 Juuka

Open: Mon - Fri, 9am - 3pm

Ph. +358 40 104 2865 (Information point of the Municipal Hall)
Ph. +358 40 104 2000 (Switchboard)
Fax. (+358 13) 472 123

There are also Info boards at various locations around Juuka, for instance;

Teboil gas station - Opposite the Kivikylä
Pullover stops on Highway 6


Note! Kartalla - Infogis.fi/juuka also in English!

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