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Municipal Plot Sales

Welcome to Juuka Wonderland!

We have a lot of places where you can build a house, a cabin or start a business. 

In our selection there are plots by the lake of Pielinen that are suitable to build a detached house. In addition, Juuka is a significant place for leisure living: we suggest you to check out our cabin plots that are situated by the Rauanjärvi lake. 

The plot prices start from 1€ / square meter.

You can also choose the spot just almost by yourself! We have space to breath, be and live!

The municipality of Juuka sells plots with a surface area of app. 0,5 hectares to the detached house -builders with a common value of agriculture and forestry.

Check out plots for detached houses from near of the area of Koli!

Welcome to Juuka! You can inquire the plots from the technical manager / Timo Möttönen, p. +358 40 104 2601.

Contact details

Tourist information

The tourist information point of Juuka is located in Municipality Hall

Open: mon - fri, 9AM - 3PM

Contact: p. +358 40 104 2865, Poikolantie 1, 83900 Juuka


Municipality Hall of Juuka

Open mon - fri 9AM -3PM
Poikolantie 1, 83900 Juuka 

P. +358 40 104 2865 (Information point of the Municipality Hall)
P. +358 40 104 2000 (Switch number)
Fax. (+358 13) 472 123