Village houses


Village houses

Village houses

Juuka has a number of smaller villages nestled within its boundaries. Many village houses are offered as accommodation for tourists and weary travellers.

Tuopanjoki -village house

Welcome to the Tuopanjoki -village house! The House is located in the yard of the former school of Tuopanjoki (Address: Rantakyläntie 141, 83950 Ahmovaara).

Beds: for upto 10 persons


  • WC
  • Shower
  • Sauna
  • Laundry washer
  • Electric stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge
  • Grilling hut
  • TV and radio
  • Premises for sports and gym


  • Whole house: summer time 80€ + 5€/person if over 5 persons, winter time 120€ + 5€/ person if over 5 persons

Contact: Onni Törrönen, Ph. 0400 496 272

Hut of Tuopanjoen Erä

Welcome to the Hut of Tuopanjoen Erä!

The hut consists of a 80 m2 hall, kitchen and a room with a warm oven. The hut is available for rent in the summer & autumn seasons for many occasions.

Beds: 3-4 persons

Address: Ruunasuontie 271,
83950 Ahmovaara

More info: Sakari Tuononen, Ph. 050 3023 057,

Village house of Polvela

Welcome to the village house of Polvela!

We don't have exact beds in our village house, but it is possible to sleep in the big hall with some mattresses from spring to autumn. The village house has been rented for different kinds of occasions, such as weddings, bithdays, classmeetings and educations. In the village house we have premises for 100 persons.

It is possible to rent the whole house or just a part of it. The rent depends on how long you are going to stay and how big part of the house you will rent.


  • Outdoor- and indoor-WC
  • Fridge
  • Big cold room
  • Electric stove and soap stone stove (warming with woods)
  • Coffee maker and electric kettle
  • Big thermos bottles
  • Microwave
  • Industrial dish washer
  • Two electric power ovens

Address: Kukkolantie 11,
83870 Polvela

More info: Helena Elsinen, Ph. 050 3693 346

Timanttitupa "Diamond House"

Welcome to Timanttitupa! The diamond house is the perfect location for parties, meetings and other events all year round. The location is disabled friendly and also has an outdoor sauna.

There are table spots for 60 persons and tableware for 80 persons. In addition, modern kitchen equipment, different kinds of outfits for shows, piano, karaoke equipment and WC and shower conveniences on the premises make it the perfect go to for all events. The location also has accommodation for overnighters with an inbuilt kitchen, two bedrooms and private toilets on the second floor of the house.

The basement of the premises are built to handle game animals like hares and moose. There is also a sauna and grilling station in the yard.

Contact: Helvi Ph. 046 653 9547, Alpo Ph. 040 570 4784

Address: Kajoontie 8,

83880 Kajoo

Jouhtenmaja -house

Welcome to Jouhtenmaja! This rustic accommodation has electricity but no drinking water. The accommodation is perfect for campers or tourists on a road-trip. The house is not available from 2.1.-31.3 every year. The house is located by a beach with access to a canoe, grilling, fire pit and more.

Beds: 10 persons


  • Weekdays 65€/day
  • Weekends 80€/day
  • A week 350€

Address: Rontsantie 602 B,
83915 Vihtasuo

Contact: Sami Räsänen, Ph. 045 350 7820

Contact details

Tourist info

Our main Info center in located in the Municipal hall;

Juuan kunta
Poikolantie 1 
83900 Juuka

Open: Mon - Fri, 9am - 3pm

Ph. +358 40 104 2865 (Information point of the Municipal Hall)
Ph. +358 40 104 2000 (Switchboard)
Fax. (+358 13) 472 123

There are also Info boards at various locations around Juuka, for instance;

Teboil gas station - Opposite the Kivikylä
Pullover stops on Highway 6


Note! Kartalla - also in English!

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