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Welcome to Juuka, Nunnanlahti, Stone Center, Winter Park and Ice Cathedral Sagrada Familia in Ice!

Juuka is one of the municipalities of North Karelia with population slightly over 5 100. The area of Juuka is app. 1 800 km2, which 350 km2 is water. The density of the population is app. 3,5 inhabitants/ km2.

Juuka, situated next to the lake Pielinen, is known for its stone industry in Nunnanlahti, ceramics and pottery, idyllic old center of the municipality, the archipelago of Paalasmaa, the world’s largest ice dome and now, the highest ice cathedral.

Year 2013 Dutch professor from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Arno Pronk, wanted to build a construction made of pykrete a.k.a. water, snow and saw dust, which is three times stronger than ice itself. Due to the advice he got from his friend Hugo Sanders, he came to Juuka.

In January 2014 the world’s largest ice dome was completed in the center of Juuka by 50 TU/e students, maintenance staff, volunteers and enterprises from Juuka.

This year 80 Dutch, Belgian, Spanish, Swiss, German and Norwegian tech students and a whole group of Finnish supporters built the world’s highest ice cathedral, Sagrada Familia in Ice, in four weeks. The cathedral is an adaptation of architect Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The building work of the original cathedral started in 1882 and the highest tower is still unfinished.

The ice cathedral consists of several convex constructions. The highest point rises 21 meters from the ground and it is the highest pykrete construction ever built. The former record for an ice structure was 15 meters. In order to achieve these heights the use of reinforced ice is necessary. Along the pykrete, some textiles and ropes are also used in the nave of the building.

The goal was to build a 30 meter tower too but that wasn’t accomplished due to a mild weather and a tight schedule. The ideal temperature for pykrete building is – 15 degrees Celsius.

The world record of Juuka’s ice cathedral has been broadcasted by Chinese CNN, Canadian Discovery Channel, televisions from Germany and Holland and the Finnish media.

Next year’s icy attraction is currently brewing. Welcome to check it out too!

Next to the cathedral is Kivikeskus where there are some exhibitions (poster and art exhibitions and geological information center) and a souvenir shop from which you’ll find some North Karelian handicrafts and quality decorative items. The area between the Kivikeskus and the ice cathedral forms a Winter Park where there is a lot of wintertime fun to experience, especially at the event days.

The entrance fee for the whole attraction is 10 € / adult. Fee for children under 12 years is 5 € and children under 7 years can get in for free.

The main event days are:

24.1.2015 at 15 o’clock The Grand Opening

7. – 8.2.2015 The Trade Fair for Locally Produced Foods

Opening hours: every day 10-18.

The address of the cathedral is Kuhnustantie 10, 83940 Nunnanlahti. It is located only 22 km from Koli and 13 km from Juuka. Check the location from Google maps:

There is also a lunch at Tulikivi restaurant from Monday to Friday at 10 - 14. The village shop, Kivikylän Herkku, is open Mon - Fri from 10 to 17 and from 10 to 14 on Saturdays. In the village shop there is freshly made baked goods every day. Both the restaurant and the shop are located next to the cathedral.

More information:

More information about the project, the area and ice building: 

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