From Kopravaara Future Freetime there is a 24-kilometre lit skiing track to Loma-Koli, which also serves as a hiking trail in the summer time. Skiing trails of different lengths can be found near the center of Juuka and in its villages.

Lit skiing tracks in the municipality of Juuka:

  • Taivaanpankko 5 km
  • Kokkokallio 2.2 km
  • Kopravaara 24 km
  • Ahmovaara 2.2 km
  • Kajoo 1.6 km
  • Nunnanlahti 1.5 km
  • Tuopanjoki 1 km.


Fishing and Nature Site Iso-Karhu is located 15 kilometres west of Juuka center in the esker area of Maaselkä.

The site is named after Lake Iso-Karhu, which is a great place for both fly fishing and angling. In addition to the natural fish populations, brown trout and rainbow trout have been planted in the lake.

Guided trips are being organized for small groups.

Activities and group sizes:

  • Hunting for 1-3 persons
  • Fishing for 1-20 persons
  • Hiking for 3-10 persons

You can also rent a cottage on the site.

Further information, e.g. on fishing permits:

  • Martti Nykyri, Leskeläntie 49, 83900 Juuka
  • Tel. +358 50 358 2080


Koli is a one of a kind outdoor destination. Koli’s landscapes, 2.000 million years old bedrock with signs of ancient waves, crown snow-loads in the winter, revived slash-and-burn agriculture, verdant flora, bogs and open fields, numerous bird species, and a few endangered species – all this in just one village.



Kotaloma Menninkäinen offers its visitors an opportunity to rest and relax in peaceful nature in the spirit of primeval native peoples.

Further information and reservations:



Porttilouhi is a 700-metre long gorge along the UKK hiking trail near the border of Juuka and Nurmes. The gorge has a gate formed by rocks, and Porttipuro Stream runs on the bottom of the gorge. Please note that the water of the stream is drinkable only after boiling.

Coordinates: 63°23'26"N   28°57'1"E





There are 10 rivers suitable for canoeing in Juuka. Apart from Vaikkojoki River, all the rivers are in their natural state. For this reason, canoeing is only possible when the water level is high. At some points along the routes you may also have to carry your canoe.



A 210-kilometre long hiking trail from Vuokatti to Koli via Juuka. A section of approximately 75 kilometres of the trail runs within the borders of Juuka municipality.

Along the trail there is a wilderness hut by Lake Kiteenjärvi, which can be used for overnight accommodation free of charge. Moreover, the trail goes past the remarkable Porttilouhi Gorge. 



Water route of Vaikkojoki

This 90-kilometre long canoeing route starts from Lake Vaikkojärvi in Juuka and ends in Lake Kärenjärvi in Kaavi. The route comprises around forty rapids and sections of fast flowing water and has suitable sections for both novices and more experienced canoeists. After clearing them, the rapids have been brought to nearly natural state and valuable fish, such as trout, has been planted in them.

Vaikkojoen Erä rents a cottage for up to 9 persons for hikers, canoeists and hunters.  

Fishing in Vaikkojoki River

The Vaikkojoki fishing permit entitles you to fish with all kind of rods in Vaikkojoki River and its rapids as well as in some lakes from Luusua in Vaikkojärvi until Niemikylä. The permit is also valid in some areas in Kaavi municipality. The permit is personal and can be purchased for a day, a week or for the whole season.

Permits are sold by:

  • Sport-Kone Halonen Oy, tel. +358 50 593 4933.

Further information:


Juuan kunta

Juuan kunnantalo

Avoinna ma-pe klo 9-15
Poikolantie 1, 83900 Juuka 
P. 040 104 2000
Fax. (013) 472 123


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