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Welcome to Juuka!

Juuka is located in North Karelia, on the western shore of Lake Pielinen. The nearest cities are Nurmes, Lieksa, and Joensuu. The distinctive features of Juuka's landscape include high ridge formations, the expansive Lake Pielinen, and the Paalasmaa archipelago situated in the middle of Lake Pielinen.

The central village of the municipality, Juuan kirkonkylä, is classified as a medium-sized municipal center. Juuka has vibrant village centers, such as the rapidly developing Nunnanlahti and Ahmovaara.

The total land area of Juuka municipality is 1846 square kilometers, of which 325 square kilometers are water bodies. The length of the waterfront along the water bodies is approximately 438 kilometers. As of December 31, 2021, Juuka had a population of 4,444 residents.

Juuka is especially known for soapstone, which is quarried and processed in Nunnanlahti. In recent years, Nunnanlahti has been developed, and a business complex called "Kivikylä" has been established in the heart of Nunnanlahti, providing space for small businesses and enterprises.

The name "Juuka" means a small lake through which a river flows. This small lake disappeared when Sorveusjärvi burst its banks in 1806.