Koli - The National Landscape of Finland

Koli - The National Landscape of Finland

The region of Koli, which belongs to the city of Lieksa, is the most famous tourist resort in the province of North Karelia - Tourists have been flocking to Koli for over 100 years.

Koli is located on the same side of Pielinen as Juuka and therefore it is geographically closer to the center of Juuka than the city of Lieksa. While Koli is famous for its exceptional height above sea level, It also encompasses high hills, amazing vistas of Lake Pielinen with its scattering of islands, luscious green forests and a diverse wildlife. The Koli nature preserve lays grounds for mind-blowing hikes, cave explorations and bike trails.

The wildnerness of Koli has always appealed to people, however the habitation on the hills is surprisingly young compared to neighbouring areas. The area of the Koli with its view was already drawn in the old map of Käkisalmi, which was made in 1650, however the hill's name in the old maps was "the Black Slope" (Mustarinta). This name referred to pagan lords who were Masters of Koli. They widely influenced local populations, their destinies and lifestyles. Devotees travelled from all around Karelia to worship the pagan gods.

Multiple Finnish artists have fallen in love with and immortalized the ancient hills, Karelidis. The most famous of them are Eero Järnefelt and Jean Sibelius with their spouses. For example, written on the wall of Demon's Church (one of the most famous caves in Koli) by Järnefelt: "One secret, one spirit, the fortune of us both, is this church, the holiness we will always remember" (Yksi salaisuus, yks henki, yks onni kumpaisenki, on kirkko tämä, sen pyhyyttä muistelemma aina), Eero and Fanni, 1893.

The village of Koli hosts a souvenir shop run by Koli Season, a tourist information center, Art gallery by Kulmakavi, A gastropub called Koli Ryynänen, club houses and many bed & breakfast businesses. Located at the harbour by Lake Pielinen is a exquisite fine dining restaurant called Alamaja. Located at the top of Koli, at its highest point is the Hotel Koli, the Koli spa & many souvenir shops.

Tourist information of Koli: Ylä-kolintie 2, 83960 Lieksa, Ph. +358 45 138 7429

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