The Activity Park of Simpauttaja

The Activity Park of Simpauttaja

Simpauttajan liikuntapuisto

Located within the area of Juuka’s primary school, besides the Tulikivi Arena and sports hall is the activity park of Simpauttaja (Simpauttajan liikuntapuisto), which offers multiple activities for the whole family. The five functional sections of the park are the out-door gym, parkour grounds, grass fields, multipurpose arena and several playing areas for children. The park has gotten its name from a character named Simpauttaja, written in a book by a local author, Heikki Turunen.

The activity park of Simpauttaja won the Years Sports Act -award in the year 2016. The panel reasoned that since the project involved the residents of Juuka and the design was a combined effort from all citizens: "The voice of residents of all ages has been heard. Ideas and feedback have been received from sports community, local school students, teachers and school staff, the Corner of Elli and workers of village societies. The result is an activity park that is suitable for all ages and due to its location, it is also an excellent place for school sports." (Reijo Häyrinen SLA ry / STT Info: Vuoden liikuntateko -palkinto Juuan Simpauttaja-liikuntapuistolle (the Years Sport Act -award to the Activity Park of Simpauttaja of Juuka), 12.10.2016).

Address: Poikolantie 6, 83900 Juuka

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