The Stone Centre

The Stonevillage


This EU recognised architectural marvel is the star of modern Juuka.

With its modern design, baroques to bring in natural light, wide, paved walking paths, scenic gardens, beautiful waterfall and water fountain, The Stone Center (Kivikeskus) is a a reborn business center 13 kilometers away from the center of Juuka.

This building hosts a large scale restaurant offering North Karelian dishes, Juuka’s first Eco store offering Finnish made products from all around Finland, two well known Hairdressers who utilise Normal and Eco hairdressing techniques, an EU certified professional photographer and graphic designer who has captured amazing moments in the life of people from all across Finland and is responsible for many graphic designs across Juuka including in the Tourist Info locations, a reptile museum which tours across Finland delighting children and adults alike with exotic reptiles, an Adventure sport equipment rental business which rents out fat bikes, water sports equipment and more, a cosmetologist who utilises Asian techniques for skin care, personal trainer, dance coach and a massage therapist, and Juuka’s most famous brewery, which has won the Helsinki brewery award twice in a row, Kolin Panimo, where you can taste test various beers and ciders as well as purchase drinks for your evening sauna or social gatherings.

Not to mention, the Stone center hosts a museum dedicated to the history of Northern Karelian landscape, with displays of ancient tools, rocks with previous and rare metals in them, educational videos of archaeology and the earths terraform and its history and much much more.

Address: Kuhnustantie 10, 83900 Juuka

Businesses located in the Kivikylä

Valokuvaamo helmi - EU certified professional photographer / Graphic designer
• Valokuvaamo Helmi
• Ph. +358 44 555 4589, Email:
• Open Tuesday - Friday 10-15:30 & Saturday by appointment

Sujula - Juuka’s first Eco-Retail store and Eco Hair dresser offering Finnish/EU made natural products, foods and drinks.
• Yksinkertaisesti luonnollinen | Sujula
• Ph: +358400376736, Email:
• Open Tuesday - Friday 10-17:00 & Saturday 11-14:00

Kolin Panimo - Award winning brewery offering Beers & ciders for sale.
• Ph: +358405384793, Email:
• Open Monday - Thursday 12:00-18:00, Friday 12-21:00 & Saturday 10:00 - 17:00

JuliAana - Cosmetologist
• JuliAana
• Book appointment Book Salon
• Open Tuesday - Friday 10:00-17:00, Saturday 10:00-15:00 & Other times by Appointment only

Kivikylän kanttiini - North Karelian cuisine
• Kivikylän Kanttiini (
• Ph: +358207656030, Email:
• Open Monday -Friday 9:00-16:00

Lentävä luuta
• Ph: +358 44 016 0268
• Facebook: Lentävä Luuta

Pakohuone Stonescape - Escape Room
• Email:
• Facebook: Stonescape

Matelijanäyttely - Reptile museum
• Matelijanayttely
• Matelijanäyttely - Etusivu | Facebook

Tulikivi-Studio - Showroom for various Tulikivi soapstone ovens
• Ph. +358403 063 065 and +358403 063 133
• Open Monday - Friday 9:00-16:00

Vuolukivimuseo ja louhokset
• Open Monday - Friday 9:00-14:00
• Free entry

• Open in summer 2021

Jussin frisbee
• Jussin frisbee - Radat -
• Contact Juhani Ryynänen, +35844 980 4413 before visiting
• Kuhnustantie 284, 83940 Juuka

Visit the Kivikylän website: Click Here Note! Also in english.

Check out more pictures from the Stone Center below.



Contact details

Tourist info

Our main Info center in located in the Municipal hall;

Juuan kunta
Poikolantie 1 
83900 Juuka

Open: Mon - Fri, 9am - 3pm

Ph. +358 40 104 2865 (Information point of the Municipal Hall)
Ph. +358 40 104 2000 (Switchboard)
Fax. (+358 13) 472 123

There are also Info boards at various locations around Juuka, for instance;

Teboil gas station - Opposite the Kivikylä
Pullover stops on Highway 6


Note! Kartalla - also in English!

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