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Municipal Property Sales - Kannas

Municipal Property Sales - Kannas

On the shores of Lake Pielinen, in the village of Kannas and in the state of Männikkölä, two residential areas have been zoned. The areas are going to be broken up into 5 sections - the sections form the shore properites of Kannas. The municipal council has confirmed that the sale price of the shore properties must be 8,25€/m2.

You can see the area from the attachment below (Note: Texts and the title of the attachment are in Finnish), but you can also get acquainted with it on the spot. A newly paved road was completed in the summer of 2018, linking the properties of Kannas. On the properties of Kannas there has been completed a new road on the summer 2018.

Two of the southernmost (app. 3000 m2) plots from the southern area are still free!

State Register number Plot number Surface area Already reserved Price per m2
Living area 1 (asuinalue 1)          
Käpyrinne 176-403-41-32 1 3168   8,25 m²
Hakola 176-403-41-31 2 2951   8,25 m²

Interested? More information from the technical manager / Timo Möttönen, p. +358 40 104 2601.

Read more: Kaavakartta Kannas, Männikkölän tila (194 kb)




Permitted building volume


Block of separate, small residental buildings


Row houses: Allows the solutions with row houses or connected small residental buildings


Block of small residental buildings: allows the detached houses, semi-detached houses or small-row houses


Block of residental- and business premises

kerrosala (2/3 I) 

Gross surface area of all the actual floors of the building

tonttitehokkuusluku (e) 

The "kerrosala" (above) divided with the surface area of the whole property

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