Mrs. Sinikka Häyrinen's sales exhibition - Mustikkapaikka

Mrs. Sinikka Häyrinen's sales exhibition - Mustikkapaikka

Sinikka Häyrisen näyttelymyymälä Mustikkapaikka

Mrs. Sinikka Häyrinen's Mustikkapaikka (eng. the Place of Blueberries) is a rustic sales exhibition of unique ceramics on the shore of the Pielinen. The Mustikkapaikka was established in the year 1981, however the business was already running during 1978.. The lights, lanterns, miniature fountains and other ceramics are influenced by Mrs. Häyrinen's Karelian-slavic lineage: you can see this from Häyrinen's romantic lace-ceramics and floral patterns. The ceramic light installation within the Municipality hall of Juuka was designed by Sinikka Häyrinen in 1985. If you are interested to buy ceramics, leave your order to the e-mail below. Mrs. Häyrinen will design and do the unique, beutiful and individual works at her own atelier.

Sinikka Häyrinen, who prefers to call herself an art-artisan, welcomes visitors at Mustikkapaikka. Please call before visiting.

Address: Paalasmaantie 120, 83900 Juuka

Contact: Sinikka Häyrinen, Ph. 040 507 9732, e-mail:

Check out more pictures of Mrs. Häyrinen's works.

Above out-door lights at the spa of Hotel Koli, designed by Mrs. Häyrinen. 

Above a flora-themed lantern, designed by Mrs. Häyrinen.

Above a ceramic light at the Hotel Kakslauttanen (Lapland), designed by Mrs. Häyrinen. 


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