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The Mined Gate - Porttilouhi

The Mined Gate - Porttilouhi


The level of difficulty: Hard


Porttilouhi is an ethereal and mystical valley, bounded by scathing cliff faces on both sides, towering over the 700 meter long gulley. The trail to this otherworldly location is 1.5 kms long and has even been traversed by the former president of Finland, Urho Kalevi Kekkonen.

Created as a result of the melting of the continental glacier, this valley, nestled deep within the ground, rarely receives a full days sun, and provides a surreal ambience to anyone who climbs down the pathway leading to the gulley. A hidden stream runs between moss covered rocks and encumbers ancient myths and legends of healers and witch doctors who used this place to arrange traditional ceremonies. Sick people were transported through this valley in the hopes of driving away evil spirts and eradicating their diseases.

The north of this gulley hosts a holy place which was used in the old days to sacrifice animals and offer foods to please the spirits. This holy place is a natural amphitheatre, built through the aeons of time. A campfire located at the top of the valley offers tourists with a viewpoint of the bottom of the valley, to admire the surreal creations of mother nature.

Route: A left at Abc Juuka towards Nurmes will lead to a 19km drive until you turn left on Tervavaarantie. This route proceeds for 8 kms before a right turn appears on a forest road, with signs marking the location of “Porttilouhi”. After 1 km you can park your vehicle on the left and hike the remaining 1.5 kms to the Mined gate.

Area- and terrain maps of the Mined Gate


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