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Juuan lukio Briefly in English

Briefly in English

Upper secondary school in Juuka, Finland

Upper secondary school in Finland is a two to four year educational institution which prepares for studies in universities and polytechnics. Our school is non-graded; to graduate a student has to complete a minimum of 75 courses. The school leaving exam is called the matriculation examination and it is made up of four to six separate exams in different subjects.

Juuan lukio has specialized in floorball. A student can take up to 6 different courses in which for example stone, clay, birch bark and soapstone are used as material.

Subjects studied

Compulsory: Finnish Language and Literature, English, Swedish, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Religion, Philosophy, Music, Art, Physical Education, Health Education, Study Guidance.

Optional: German, French, Russian, Psychology, Computer Studies, and specialization courses in most obligatory subjects.

Language program

English (advanced), Swedish (upper), German (intermediate and elementary), French (intermediate and elementary), Spanish (elementary), Chinese (elementary), Japanese (elementary) and Russian (elementary).

International co-operation and contacts

Juuka Upper Secondary school is a part of Erasmus+ -accredidation programme which enables cooperation, internationalization, student and teacher changes during studies. Our school has participated in KIMMOKE project the purpose of which is to develop internationality. We also participate in  GLOBE which is a worldwide science and education program providing the students the opportunity to learn by taking scientifically valid mesurements in the fields of atmosphere, hydrology, soil and land cover and reporting their data through the Internet. In SOLIS project students measure environmental and technical parameters, both manually and using computer technology.

Address: Koulutie 13, 83900 JUUKA, FINLAND
Phone: +358-40-1042 461 (pricipal)
Fax: +358-13-6812 334